Entry #1

To the fake voters

2009-03-11 20:46:09 by ShadowsOfLight

I dont care what score or vote you give me what matters is my music is something I enjoy creating. So you can bite me and go to hell. Have a nice day!


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2009-03-11 22:33:31

Ok, I will have a nice day.

ShadowsOfLight responds:

Mhmm. Have a wonderful life!


2009-03-19 01:38:36

truthfully, i thought that you were the one that was voting zeros on your own music. wierd thought?

ShadowsOfLight responds:

Lol no man. Someone else is Idk who it is. It's quite annoying though. I get great reviews on other sites. Just this one is always low due to the fake f***s that vote bad. I feel like they just hate the name.


2009-03-21 15:11:55

What do you use for music?

ShadowsOfLight responds:

Tons. FL STudio, Virtual DJ, and other mixing programs.


2009-07-23 08:24:22

lol.. ur shadow day is pure midi.. look : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kv4s3f n8jDc same song

(Updated ) ShadowsOfLight responds:

Actuall y you're wrong. The songs are completly different. Tune your ears. It was a midi, I created the synths in Orion back in 2000. So you can have a lovely day spamming, since that was a song that I had no idea how to mix at the time