5Line Records

2010-07-17 18:34:26 by ShadowsOfLight

5Line Records is the newest addition to the Artist Craze Media family. WIth over 700 members already and a live radio broadcasting to 400,000+ people a day, ACM and 5LR are taking over and re-defining the music industry and record label into a more modern and family-style approach where everyone is included.

All the artists get a choice in what goes down in many of the decisions made, everyone is included in how things are dealt with and run. With the ability to vote and voice your own input it allows everyone to feel like you really are part of a company that actually cares.

Our contracts give more to the artist than any other label that we've researched. Promotions, Merchandise, Advertising, Websites, and so much more.

What are you waiting for? Check out http://5LineRecords.info now!

You can also post and sell music and share it on ArtistCrazeMedia.com Forums and TranceCommunity.com Forums or embed your music, playlists, or single songs anywhere! http://Audio.CrazeShare.info

Tune in LIVE 24/7 - http://5LRLive.net - We play to thousands a day! We are recruiting DJs, no experience needed sign up @ http://5LineRecords.com! - We stream any songs you want played, let us know @ http://5LRLive.net by using the request form!

Artist Craze Media

2010-04-02 05:30:03 by ShadowsOfLight

Artist Craze Media is a fast growing media company established in 2009. The main misison of the company is to create a nice environment for all of the company's artists and clients by providing the most affordable services and products. There are NO decisions made without each artist's approval. The goal is so each artist has his/her own input on how the company operates and not dictated just by the company head members. Also, each artist gains plenty of benefits while signed, such as; a contract altered to fit their schedule and lifestyle, amazing percentage of profits, free promotion, free website, 24/7 support and management, and a lot more just for being a contributing artist. Above all this company is a family by artists, for artists.

Our Supporters plenty of great benefits as well like discounts, advertising, and more!

Products and Services

Web Hosting (Starting at $3.25/month)
Domain Registration (Prices Vary)
Web Design (Custom, Templates, Management, etc.)
Graphic Design (Custom, Templates, etc.)
Production (Mastering, Scores, etc.)
Promotion (Marketing, Advertising, Merchandise, etc.)
Custom Apparel (T-Shirts, Long Sleeves, Hats, etc.)
Artists' Apparel (T-Shirts, Long Sleeves, Hats, etc.)
Individual Audio Samples (Loops, Midis, Vocals, etc.)
Sample Packs
Loop Packs
Midi Packs
and a lot more
We are looking for female and male singers + artists. We're hiring for graphics and webdesign positions.


New Music Label

2010-01-26 14:02:29 by ShadowsOfLight

Artist Craze Media is a new music label. Looking for great new talent to sign to a 2 year risk-free contract!

http://artistcraze.com (resources for artists)
http://artistcrazemedia.com (music label, scores, anything media!)
http://crazeshare.info (Free File Hosting, Sharing, Backup, NO LIMITS! 50gb+ Space)

New Songs

2009-11-05 18:16:56 by ShadowsOfLight

I'm coming ut with a bunch of new remixes. FIrst one will be Disturbed - Down with the sicnkess. Trance remix.

New Stuff

2009-10-28 05:31:26 by ShadowsOfLight

Okay so my newer songs are getting hella better. I also started a paranormal investigations team complete with online forum, and soon uploads. So I'm looking for investigators WORLD WIDE to be dedicated in the hunt for the truth! All investigators get to post news which shows up on the homepage automatically ^_^ PennParanormal.com

New Song

2009-10-21 16:30:13 by ShadowsOfLight

Well I heard the Paramore Acapella and I was INSPIRED. This will be my new remix. Using her vocals.

To the fake voters

2009-03-11 20:46:09 by ShadowsOfLight

I dont care what score or vote you give me what matters is my music is something I enjoy creating. So you can bite me and go to hell. Have a nice day!